A way to take some uncertainty out of life.

It isn’t a pleasant reality to face but as we start to live longer lives we are becoming more susceptible to debilitating diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. There are also the issues that can arise from strokes, heart attacks and diabetes.   Although, thankfully, there is no guarantee that any of… View Article

Wills. Do we really need one?

It has been a common view in recent times that there is no need for a married couple to have a Will in place as the estate will automatically pass to the spouse upon the other partner’s death. This may well be the case in some instances but it isn’t always the case and isn’t… View Article

What is Probate?

Probate is a term that most people aren’t really aware of until it is a process that they have to go through. It is the process of dealing with a deceased person's estate. This can be an easy process if the individual has had a will put in place or can become more complicated if... View Article

Power of Attorney – Key Terms You Need to Understand

Most people have heard of Will writing, even if they haven’t yet met with a professional to get their drawn up correctly. However, fewer people have heard of the Power of Attorney (LPA). A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows your chosen Attorney (individual or number of individuals) to act on your... View Article

What to Consider When Writing a Will

Most people don’t want to think about a world in which they don’t exist but her at Bees and Co we are well aware of the importance of ensuring that your wishes are carried out and finances left in order upon your passing.  We provide a Cheltenham wills and probate service that means you can… View Article