Trust Planning Cheltenham, Gloucester & Gloucesershire

There are many different trusts available and the best one for you will depend on a number of circumstances. A Trust is essentially a way for you to post money to the future for your children or spouse, to a place where no one else can touch it. It is like a safe deposit box for the future that can only be opened by the people you give the key to.

The Trust may be for your life insurance or a combination of all of the assets you may hold. There are no probate fees charged on assets held in Trusts. Often with correct Trust planning, Inheritance Tax can be removed completely. After your death the recipients of the Trust can access the money stored immediately without having to wait for probate to take place.

A Trust is owned by the Trust itself and is controlled by the Trustees, usually these are the people who owned the assets prior to putting them in Trust.

We take a step by step process to identify the type of Trust that is most appropriate and work through each asset you wish to have locked away in the Trust until you are happy with the financial provision you have in place for your loved ones, leaving you to enjoy living your life to the full.

If you are looking for a Trust in Cheltenham, Gloucester or the wider Three Counties area please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and set up a no obligation initial meeting.