Tax Planning Cheltenham, Gloucester & Gloucesershire

We spend a large proportion of our life working hard for the money we receive and save. When we pass on, we all want to ensure our loved ones receive as much of this as possible.

There are many different ways you can reduce the effect of Inheritance Tax without having to spend a large amount of money or losing a proportion of your estate. Exemptions are available but people are not often aware of how these can be applied.

Ownership of an asset is one such area and joint ownership can be changed to provide greater tax advantage and can in some instances double the amounts given away under the Nil Rate Band, and for some can remove the burden of inheritance tax completely.

We offer impartial guidance during an exploratory meeting free of charge. During this meeting we will discuss the options which are available to you before putting you in touch with a trusted financial advisor who can implement these strategies for you.

For a no obligation initial meeting contact us today to discuss your tax planning needs in the Cheltenham, Gloucester and wider Three Counties area.